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Brc-thru 577 - 12x76mm | Clearview Fence


R1 237,50

Brc-thru 577 Clearview Fence Panel


Secure your property with the unparalleled strength and innovation of the Brc-thru 577 Clearview Fence Panel. This high-security fence is expertly crafted from the finest local heavy galvanized steel wire, delivering both performance and longevity.


Key Features:


  • High-Security Vertical Design: Featuring a robust wire diameter of 3mm x 4mm, this Clearview Fence panel is meticulously designed to be anti-climb and anti-cut, setting the standard for security barriers.
  • Optimal Aperture Size: The strategic 12.7mm x 76.2mm aperture size of the Clearview Fence ensures optimal security without sacrificing the aesthetic view of your surroundings.
  • Superior Durability: Constructed with Standard Wire Type A (Fully pre-galvanized wire), the Brc-thru 577 offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and damage, supported by a 10-year quality guarantee.
  • Enhanced Rigidity: Incorporating 4 V-bends, this Clearview Fence panel is reinforced for extra rigidity and strength, ensuring it withstands attempts to breach your security.
  • Security Optimized: The Brc-thru 577 is ready to integrate seamlessly with advanced security enhancements such as CCTV, razor wire, or electric fencing, making it ideal for both residential and high-threat commercial environments.


The Brc-thru 577 Clearview Fence Panel is your top choice for reliable, high-quality perimeter protection. Offering both robust security features and flexibility in installation, this Clearview Fence panel is designed to meet the exacting needs of those who prioritize safety and value enduring quality.




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