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Brc-thru - 519 12x76mm | Clearview Fence


R1 125,00

Brc-thru 519 Clearview Fence Panel


Enhance your security setup with the Brc-thru 519 Clearview Fence Panel, a robust solution engineered to combine visibility with invincibility. This Clearview Fence is meticulously crafted using the finest local heavy galvanized steel wire, ensuring it stands up to both environmental and human challenges.


Key Features:


  • Secure Vertical Design: The Clearview Fence panel employs a uniform 3mm x 3mm wire diameter, perfectly balanced to offer both anti-climb and anti-cut properties, making it an essential component of any security system.
  • Ideal Aperture Size: The 12.7mm x 76.2mm aperture size is designed to deter intruders while maintaining the open, airy aesthetic of your property, keeping your views unobstructed and your premises secure.
  • Superior Durability: Constructed from Standard Wire Type A (Fully pre-galvanized wire), the Brc-thru 519 Clearview Fence is built to last, promising enduring performance with a 10-year quality guarantee.
  • Structural Rigidity: Equipped with 4 V-bends, this panel enhances the rigidity and stability of the fence, providing a formidable barrier against breaches.
  • Versatile Security Integration: Ready for easy addition of security enhancements such as CCTV, razor wire, or electric fencing, the Brc-thru 519 adapts easily to meet both residential and commercial security needs.


The Brc-thru 519 Clearview Fence Panel offers top-tier security without compromising on the aesthetic appeal of your space. Its design and construction are centred around providing a dependable, durable solution for those who require the highest standards of security. Opt for the Brc-thru 519 to safeguard your assets with confidence and clarity.




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