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Brc-thru 308 - 50x100mm | Clearview Fence



Brc-thru 308 Clearview Fence Panel


The Brc-thru 308 Clearview Fence Panel is a robust perimeter fence designed for optimal security and visibility. Featuring premium, heavy galvanized steel wire locally sourced, this panel guarantees durability and resilience against both environmental and human threats.


Key Features:


  • Strong Perimeter Defense: Boasting a heavy-duty wire diameter of 4mm x 4mm, the Brc-thru 308 is exceptionally strong, providing anti-climb and anti-cut capabilities suitable for securing sensitive and high-value areas.
  • Optimized Aperture: The 50mm x 100mm aperture allows for substantial visibility and light penetration, ensuring that security does not come at the expense of the aesthetic value of the landscape.
  • High-Quality Material: Constructed with Standard Wire Type A (Fully pre-galvanized wire), this Clearview Fence panel is built to last, resisting rust and degradation with a 10-year quality guarantee.
  • Enhanced Stability with 4 V-bends: The inclusion of 4 V-bends in the panel design enhances the structural rigidity, making the fence more stable and resilient under stress.
  • Ready for Comprehensive Security Solutions: The Brc-thru 308 is designed to easily integrate with additional security measures such as CCTV, electric fencing, or razor wire, adapting effortlessly to both residential and commercial security systems.


The Brc-thru 308 Clearview Fence Panel stands as a paragon of security fencing, combining strength, visibility, and durability. Its superior design and construction make it an excellent choice for those requiring a reliable and effective security barrier that also respects the visual harmony of its environment.




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