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Brc-thru 258 - 50x200mm | Clearview Fence



Brc-thru 258 Clearview Fence Panel


Fortify your perimeter with the Brc-thru 258 Clearview Fence Panel, engineered for superior protection and seamless integration into the landscape. This premium fencing solution uses high-quality, locally sourced heavy galvanized steel wire, ensuring exceptional durability and performance.


Key Features:


  • Robust Perimeter Defense: With a solid wire diameter of 4mm x 4mm, the Brc-thru 258 provides excellent anti-climb and anti-cut properties, making it ideal for high-security zones.
  • Wide Aperture for Maximum Visibility: The 50mm x 200mm aperture size is specifically designed to offer extensive visibility, allowing for effective surveillance while maintaining a secure barrier.
  • Long-Lasting Material: Fabricated from Standard Wire Type A (Fully pre-galvanized wire), this Clearview Fence panel stands up against corrosion and environmental wear, supported by a 10-year quality guarantee.
  • Increased Stability with 4 V-bends: The panel includes 4 V-bends to enhance its structural rigidity, ensuring lasting stability and resistance to physical stress.
  • Integration Ready for Advanced Security: The Brc-thru 258 is prepared to accommodate enhancements like CCTV, electric fencing, or razor wire, fitting effortlessly into comprehensive security setups for both residential and commercial properties.


Opt for the Brc-thru 258 Clearview Fence Panel for robust, reliable, and visually appealing security fencing. This panel is not only effective in safeguarding your premises but also enhances the aesthetic appeal, ensuring that security measures blend harmoniously with environmental aesthetics.




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